About Us

We are three people who love learnin' and creatin'. We've got a ton of experience working with creators, influencers and video technology.

david photo.jpg

David Krupp

Creator Lead

kristen photo.jpg

Kristen Boschma

Online Education Coach

doris photo.jpg

Doris Li

Digital Creation Lead

David has been managing and commercialising creator content since 2009 when he launched the first ever influencer marketing agency in Australia. An industry veteran, he understands what is important for both creators and their talent agencies. 

Kristen has been working with influencers, creators and creative types for over 20 years. She gently coaches creators to find their passion topic, develop their course and make it so successful fans will want more.

Doris has 15 years experience working with influencers in Australia, China and US. As an experienced bilingual content creator herself, she understands digital platforms and helps creators refine their content to best suit digital user habits.  

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